Text exchange from earlier today:

hey maritimer whats shakin
Ntm u?
back from the office, you still down for hanging out
Wat time
And do wat
williams, its a coffee pub
k I’ll pick ya up,  be sexy
Im not going to your place
Nvm cant tonite sorry
Look your nice and all but pushy with trying to kis me and it makes me feel uncomfortable
hey krissy i understand and i wont do that tonight, I promise you can trust me.. and I think you’re really sweet and have a good heart thats why I want to see you
Just not tonite.. I dont no
k im pretty busy this wk, txt me when ur good we’ll work it out
Ya, i dont think its going to work out
k ur missing out on a good guy who’ll treat you right
No, im really not ur a guy whos pushy
u dont know me that well yet,  trust me im not really like that I will respect ur feelings

No response.